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Dixie products

To Elizabeth, who tried Nutlettes and thought "yuck":

I, too, ordered a big canister of Nutlettes, and was a bit taken aback with
the taste. To eat it straight would take some getting used to. I mix mine
with oatmeal or  any cold cereal (shredded wheat comes to mind) that you like
to let sit and get mushy. When I mix mine with s.w. and sliced bananas, and
then let it sit in milk for several minutes, it is much more palatable and a
good way for me to get my soy.

I want to say that my ordering experiences from Dixie have been excellent. I
haven't fallen in love with any of their products. I have a big sack of
chicken chunks that I am struggling to use. Even in a soup or  slow-cooked
stew, I chew, and chew and chew, trying to get them down. The soy peanut
butter works only if there's nothing else in the house!! But they were great
to deal with, as a company.

Jennie in Nashville