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grease for lunch

Just came back from the cafeteria and had to tell someone about the lunches
I saw being consumed.  yikes.

The women sitting at the same table as I were each eating what appeared to
be grilled rueben sandwiches, complete with cheese and thousand island
dressing, large portions of curly fries which they dipped into mayonaise.
Oh, and I overheard them discussing a mutual friend who had had _another_

A young man at the end of the table had stips of deep fried chicken and
lots of curly fries and a a big bowl of some creamed soup.  Sheesh

I am so graeful that I don't eat that way any more.

Okay, I had a veggie wrap sandwich (tortilla wrapped around assorted
veggies, dressed with mustard) and a small cup of pasta salad which did
indeed has way too much oil, sigh.

Jan Gordon  jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx
"We are all the guests of the green plants..."
Ismail Serageldin, V P, Environmentally Sustainable Development