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Dixie Diner

          Just adding my two cents on the ever-resurfacing dixie diner
          thread, and it may be a bit different from what most of you

          I was not terribly happy with many of their products.  I
          bought the ground beef-not and made some chili and spaghetti
          sauce with it and YUCK!  I don't think my expectations were
          terribly high for it, did not expect it to be exactly like
          meat, did not even WANT it to perfectly replicate meat, but
          the taste and texture for me were just VERY artificial. I
          felt like I was eating little mushy plastic bits.  I thought
          I followed the instructions correctly...

          Problems I had with their cereal bars are problems I have
          with all cereal bars, they are WAY too sweet.  Thats
          probably just me though because I have never found a bar
          that didn't give me a toothache.

          The only thing I still have and use from them is my liquid
          smoke, which I can recommend as an avid bean eater who
          sometimes needs variety.

          So, not to rain on everyone's parade, I wish I did like
          their stuff more and I was eating more soy.  Back to the
          tofu, I s'pose.