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egg replacer

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Michael M. Rosenblatt wrote:

> I have advised against using Ener-G egg replacer in a recipe
> that is supposed to rise with yeast because I had a bad
> experience when I did. I used Lighter Bake, which ordinarily
> works out beautifully. When you use Lighter bake, you can
> spare a lot of calories from fat because LB has no fat in it.

Isn't Lighter Bake a replacement for shortening/butter?  I don't see why 
it would be used for eggs, or why ener-g would be used for butter, so I'm 
not sure why the two products would be compared.

I've had good experience with ener-g, using it in muffins and quick 
breads.  I've never used it in yeast breads, since eggs are generally 
optional there though they do give the bread a different texture.

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill