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quick dinners

I love to cook, but when I get home on work days I usually don't want to
spend a lot of time preparing dinner.  Here are some examples of what I do:

chop up some fresh veggies (leeks, hot chiles, carrots, red peppers, cauli,
broccoli, scallions, basil leaves, ginger) and simmer in a cup of diluted
white miso for a few minutes, meanwhile boiling water for udon or soba
noodles which cook in less than five minutes.

Put some millet (preferably dry roasted first, for a few minutes) or
couscous in my rice cooker, meanwhile chop some onions, peppers, peeled
sweet potato; simmer these in a lttle water, then add a couple of teaspoons
of Ethiopian curry powder, some frozen chopped spinach and some frozen
peas, a dollop of tomato paste and a pinch of brown sugar or a few drops of
honey, and serve over couscous or millet, which is done by the time the
veggies are cooked.

Rehydrate some dried black beans, spread on one half of a whole wheat
tortilla, add veggies of choice (mushrooms and spinach are good) top that
with a slice of fatfree soycheese, fold over and grill in a cast iron pan.
Serve with salsa and leftover rice (I always cook a lot of brown basmati
rice on the weekend) spiced up with chopped tomatoes (the parmalat brand in
a carton are good if you don't have fresh) and scallions. Add a salad and
you have a nice dinner.

All these are very quick and good--much quicker actually than waiting for
the pizza delivery person.  I enjoy cooking (albeit quickly) after a day at