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mashed potatoes

The secret to the very best mashed potatoes is to "whip" them forever! I
boil up some potatoes, I prefer the red ones or really white-but not russet!

When they are very done I drain and transfer to the mixing bowl, add salt
and pepper, a bit of soy milk. I break them up a bit so the mixer doesn't
sling them all over the kitchen (again) and beat them a bit to check the
consistency. If they are too stiff I add a bit more  soy milk at a time
until they seem moist enough. Then-I put the mixer on high and just let them
whip unattended(more or less)while I put the rest of the dinner on the table
(usually 10 or 15 min). I don't add margarine(but since you use it) my
before VLF suggestion was a favorite! Place margarine in a container with a
clove of mashed garlic and a couple tablespoons of fresh parsley and
microwave until hot and melted-pour into indention in the potatoes in the
serving bowl and drizzle all over-very pretty and tasty! The taste is more
direct than whipping it into the potatoes.

judy n