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Re: FATFREE Digest V96 #279

Mary Ann Rose and Ron Gallinger wrote:
> Hi Nathan:  I used to have the same chocolate cravings that you describe.
> I believe that cravings are present because there is something in our diet
> that is lacking.  The foods we eat don't have the same nutritional content
> that they had years ago due to overfarming of the soil, pesticides,
> herbicides, etc.  I started eating blue green algae about 2 years ago and
> my cravings went away.  It is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
> chlorophyll and beta carotene and because it is a food, it is 95%
> assimilable by the body.  

Does the blue green alge taste like dulse? What would i ask for when 
trying to find it in a grocery store.I have had dulse and it seemed to 
staisfy me very mutch but i never could quite get use to its saltyness.
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