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Re: FATFREE Digest V96 #279

Nathan wrote:

>I am woried about my craveing for choclate. I often find myself
>splurgeing on 2-5 choclate bars daily. Some days I find that I dont have
>any craveing for choclate at all. But when I do eat chocolate is there
>any harm (other than acne) in eating as mutch as I do?
>I am a athelatic 18 year old young man. I also eat a constant and steady
>healthy diet.(according to canada food guide)
>Nathan MacDowall

Hi Nathan:  I used to have the same chocolate cravings that you describe.
I believe that cravings are present because there is something in our diet
that is lacking.  The foods we eat don't have the same nutritional content
that they had years ago due to overfarming of the soil, pesticides,
herbicides, etc.  I started eating blue green algae about 2 years ago and
my cravings went away.  It is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
chlorophyll and beta carotene and because it is a food, it is 95%
assimilable by the body.  Just a note about the Canada Food Guide.  I
wouldn't place a lot of faith in it.  Throughout the world, countries' food
guides are skewed toward those countries'  main agricultural outputs, e.g.
Canada, US and Australia  recommend meat and dairy whereas Japan and China
favour rice and fish.  You might want to do some reading about meat and
dairy products.  John Robbins wrote an excellent book called, "Diet for a
New America."   (P.S. I'm from Amherst, NS)