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Re: ??Good News for Cocoa addicts

Gillpatric@xxxxxxx wrote:
>  It was recently determined thru an
> angiogram test that one of my arteries with a 70% blockage in 93 has only a
> 30% blockage now.  At the time I attended the Ornish program we  were advised
> to avoid chocolate, along with several other foods, due to the high fat and
> suger content of most chocolate items.  I don't believe that information has
> changed as far as reversing coronary artery disease goes.  But as I read this
> post about chocolate I got the impression that some people with my kind of
> problem might find this as an open door policy to eat more chocolate.  And
> maybe its alright to do that. 

Hi Ken 
I was wondering wether or not a person that is slightly underweight, 
exercises, eats healthy (except for a splurge of mass chocolate 
consumption every now and then), Male and no recient family history of 
blocked arteries can still have a significant risk of blocked arteries? 
Even tho I do eat and love to eat chocolate. 
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