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Re: Curry

> Like the rest of you, I am trying to cut as much fat from my diet as
> possible.  For me, this means a lot of cooking at home.  I have been
> experimenting with different ethnic foods such as curry, and Chinese
> stir-frys (sans oil).
> The problem is, I really LOVE spicy foods (if my nose doesn't run, it's
> no good).  Does anyone know what to add to curry to make it spicier?  How
> about Chinese food?  When I get take-out, it is good and spicy, but
> LOADED with fat.  Help!

You are on the right track.....there is no need to eat bland food on 
a low fat diet....

I love curries....curry  is made out of a combination of many 
spices....around 8 different spices....including mustard seeds, 
turmeric , etc.etc......so you could buy the ingredients and make your 
own mix....here in Perth, Australia I can find Malaysian, Indonesian  
and Indian curries and each of them will have 3 or 4 variations 
depending on the degree of "mildness"....:-)
Some  with nutty flavours, etc...

Cumin is a nice spice to use in most meals....

Oregano is another option.....more aromatic than spicy ingredient....

Chinese foods rely heavily on ginger..fresh and powder......
here we can get a garlic and ginger paste...
look up the Szchezuan (sp?) style of cooking as it seems to be the one 
we the spiciest and hottest dishes....

Hope this helps...

Dont forget to share with us your recipes....:-)