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Re: craveing

> Hi All
> I am woried about my craveing for choclate. I often find myself 
> splurgeing on 2-5 choclate bars daily. Some days I find that I dont have 
> any craveing for choclate at all. But when I do eat chocolate is there 
> any harm (other than acne) in eating as mutch as I do?
> I am a athelatic 18 year old young man. I also eat a constant and steady 
> healthy diet.(according to canada food guide)
> Sincerely
> Nathan MacDowall


If you are not overweight you are very lucky.....then again when I 
was your age I could eat anything and never get fat...
a young body is quite forgiving.....BUT it never forgets......:-)

Chocolate has,  probably the 2 biggest culprits  in many health 
problems....fat and sugar.......you could exercise and be active 
enough to use up the carbos in thos choc bars but the fat is being 
stored somewhere.....I am not in the medical field....(Dr Pinckney 
could help?)....but this could affect you cardivascular system in 
the long term.....cholesterol, narrowing of arteries,etc.......
I know this is taking to  to the extreme but I am sassuming that you 
also consume other fats in your diet......

In summary, you could be lucky and be unaffected by your "addiction" 
and although you are very young, it may pay to check your current state 
of health and ultimately, you could do yourself a favour by learning 
of the hidden and not so hidden  dangers of added fats in your day to 
day diet...


my 2 cents