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Re: Portobellas

HolliSue wrote in Digest #278 that she wastn't thrilled with the 
portobella mushrooms she recently tried in her stirfry.  Here's 
my two cents worth for you, HolliSue, and any other 
"Bella Lover"-wannabes out there!  Portobellas (or is it 
portabellos??) need more attention than regular mushrooms to 
acheive a more likeable state for those who are not Shroom 
Lovers in the first place.  Marinating really helps.  An hour is 
good, but longer is better.  And they really need to be cooked 
for quite a bit longer than you would think is necessary.  
Broiling really helps.  Personnally, I like all mushrooms, and 
unmarinated, undercooked portobellas seem just fine to me, 
but I go through the marinating and extra cooking for my 
hubby, who is not a natural born Shroom Lover.  HolliSue, 
for your next stirfry, maybe you should try marinating the 
portobellas first in a mixture of tamari, rice wine, and garlic, 
then stirfrying them alone for quite awhile before you add the 
rest of the ingredients.  Good luck!!!

Kim Allen
Baltimore, Maryland