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Soya Kaas "Cheese"

I love Soya Kaas soy cheese, too.  I stock up on it once every few months and freeze it.  It freezes very well with no noticeable degradation of texture.  In addition to the flavors Aiko mentioned, they also have a plain Monterey Jack (without the jalapeno) and a Garlic and Herbs (not as good as the others, in my opinion, but YMMV).  I like the Monterey Jack the best.

The way to help it last a little longer after opening, I have found, is NEVER TO TOUCH THE BLOCK WITH YOUR FINGERS/HANDS.  Sounds strange, but no matter how many times we wash our hands, I think we must transfer bacteria.  I handle the cheese with the plastic wrap over it, and put the remainder in a zipper-type baggie and keep it sealed tight.  If any mold shows up, you can cut it off just as you can with "real"  cheese, but you must then discard the wrappings you have been using and give the block all new wrappings.

I use these cheeses for pizzas, tacos, lasagne, baked potato toppings, grilled cheese sandwiches, you name it.  For the recod, I have no connection with this company, I just love their cheese.  It's so good, my dog even begs for it just as she begs for the real stuff.  :-)


Ruth C. Hoffman
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