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peace petition


Maybe some of you would be interested in this,


> >Global Appeal for 'No more violence!'
> >In an effort to help mobilize global support for
> >nonviolence, to try to stop the cycle of violence and to
> >avert war, a global appeal for peace is now being
> >circulated to thousands of organizations and activists all
> >over the world.  Please join the list of endorsers of this
> >appeal now!
> >The text of the Global Appeal is reprinted below.
> >
> >To add your name to this urgent plea for peace, please
> >go to
> ><http://www.flora.org/coat/appeal/> Once there, fill in
> >the form and follow the simple instructions.
> >
> >You can also help by circulating this message to friends,
> >colleagues, politicians, media, community leaders,
> >organizations, appropriate listserves and to others who
> >you think will either support this appeal or benefit from
> >reading it.  Thanks!
> >