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Thank you

> Emma wrote:
> > To all those on this list in the US, and especially to any that my have
> > someone who was involved in yesterday's horrific incident, my heart goes
> out
> > to you.
> I'd just like to echo the sentiment. What times we live in.
> Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg.
> Emma I would like to echo the sentiment also.
> Sandy

As one American in this group, I thank you all. I am in shock and am
grieving.  I am not personally connected with any victims of Tuesday's
horrors but I feel all the citizens of the world are connected to this
outrage.  And now, to make matters worse, we, the U.S., are going to war, a
fruitless, hopeless war in which more innocent people will be killed.  God
help us all.