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Re: vegetarian bratwurst? and a recipe for soup

At 09:54 PM 10/8/01 -0400, Smcarchedi@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi y'all-

Today while driving through the part of Texas settled by Germans, my
husband commented that the only thing he missed since becoming a veggie
was good German bratwurst - he spent quite a few years in Germany so he
knows what the real stuff tastes like.

I promised I would see what I could do but I'm not sure that there is
such a thing as vegetarian bratwurst - has anybody heard of any? Or maybe
I could start with vegetarian "sausage" and add to it? Any ideas would be

Boca (of Boca Burgers) has come out with some veggie sausages, and one is
a veggie bratwurst.  They are pretty good, although it's been years since I
had a meat bratwurst, so I can't say how much they resemble the original.
They are not fatfree, or very low fat.  I can't remember if they are vegan.

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