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GERD challenge

Hello ff vegetarians!
My father-in-law suffers from GERD (gastro something reflux disease I think - 
another term for heartburn).  I have been gently nudging my mother-in-law 
towards a more healthy and kind vegetarian or at least partly vegetarian diet 
for many reasons and for many years.  Although it is like trying to have a 
conversation with a brick wall, I continue to try.  Here is my question:  To 
minimize the discomfort of GERD, it is recommended that they eliminate the 
following from his diet: tomatoes, vinegar, citrus, onions and family (leeks, 
garlic, etc.), or basically anything acidic, but I don't really understand 
why the unfortunate elimination of the onion family.  In addition, they have 
been trying to live lowfat and low sodium because of his minor heart attack 
in the 1970s.  I know that there are websites out there which allow you to 
search their archives for recipes that either include or exclude certain 
ingredients, and if anyone can either send me information on those or best of 
all send me recipes that don't include acid-type foods, I would be forever 
indebted to you and I would also score points with my Mother-in-law.  If 
these are non-vegetarian websites, please e-mail me privately, as I am able 
to come up with many alternatives to meat products for them.
Thank you all so much, I have gotten so many wonderful recipes from this 
group and want to thank you all for your time and sincere efforts to keep the 
recipes coming, especially at a time like this when nobody really feels like 
doing anything - particularly eating or cooking.

Thanks in advance,
Ruth in the surprisingly comfortable Chicago 'burbs where we are praying for 
peace and the return to the luxury of safety in our world.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is that good men do nothing"
     Edmund Burke