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Re: popcorn

I'm sure that you'll probably find one of these on the auction sight eBay.
Go to search and then type in air popper.
> >      About 5 years ago a friend recieved a very nice popcorn popper for
> the
> > stovetop that was made of metal and quite heavy.  It was a thick metal
> > with a lid.  The lid had a crank on it that was turned while the popcorn
> > cooked - and it kept the kernels moving so that they did not burn.
> > My friend was trying a low fat lifestyle, so after a few times of using
> oil,
> > she tried fat-free, and it was successful.  The corn had a wonderful
> roasted
> > flavor - one I liked much better than air-popped.  She has no idea where
> the
> > popper came from, and the people who gifted her have moved away .  It
> seemed
> > to be one of those "old-fashioned" things that are in catalogs, so I bet
> that
> > someone who likes to surf the net could find one.
> > Kay
> >