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Re: popcorn

make sure you also check out thrift/second hand stores such as Salvation
Army, Thrift Village, Value Village etc. etc. You can find lot of air
poppers and no doubt you can find any other variety of poppers you wish.
Always good to think second hand because you can usually pick up mint
condition appliances for dirt cheap. People tend to impulse buy or get as
gifts and then end up discarding them.


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Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 4:12 AM
Subject: popcorn

>      About 5 years ago a friend recieved a very nice popcorn popper for
> stovetop that was made of metal and quite heavy.  It was a thick metal pan
> with a lid.  The lid had a crank on it that was turned while the popcorn
> cooked - and it kept the kernels moving so that they did not burn.
> My friend was trying a low fat lifestyle, so after a few times of using
> she tried fat-free, and it was successful.  The corn had a wonderful
> flavor - one I liked much better than air-popped.  She has no idea where
> popper came from, and the people who gifted her have moved away .  It
> to be one of those "old-fashioned" things that are in catalogs, so I bet
> someone who likes to surf the net could find one.
> Kay