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re: TVP

Yes, I've tried several variations of rehydrating the TVP
using vege broth (homemade even!), V8, and misc. other
liquids including chicken broth for the last batch.  It all
came out with that nasty non-food taste.  I think chemical
like is a good description of it.  We're both pretty good
about trying new foods, but this was just too gross.

Update:  I went back to Whole Foods and talked to customer
service about my experience.  They told me that they don't
sell too much of it, that I should try the pre-seasoned
TVP sold in packages.  Boy is that expensive stuff!  I did
buy a taco TVP flavored box mix.  But, quite frankly, I'm
just not to excited about trying it out.  I'm checking out
the web sites that everyone was kind enough to send and
think I'll order a small sampling of a good variety.  It
can't all taste that bad, can it?


Angelika says:

>Regarding your funny-tasting TVP:
>It sounds like you did indeed get a bad batch if it tasted like
>chemicals.  The TVP I've tried doesn't taste like anything, really.  A
>trick is to use a savory liquid instead  of water to rehydrate it.  TVP
>will take on the taste of whatever you add.  It is this quality of it
>which makes me think maybe something might have contaminated your TVP.
>Try to buy some somewhere else and see how it is...