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Seitan/Mock Duck


The local grocery chain (Rainbow) here in Minnesota carries the Seitan in
the refrigerator section of the healthy foods area.  It is in either a blue
box, for the non seasoned, no fat, high protein version, and a red box for
already seasoned for stir fries low fat, high protein version.  

I found the stir fry box to be a little salty tasting for myself.  But have
used the regular in lots of recipes.  This is most likely exactly what your
spicy mock duck was made with.

I have cut it up and used it in place of the beef or chicken in many of the
packaged Asian type mixes with great results, orange beef, hot and spicy
chicken, etc...

Joseph A. Bonaiuto S.P.A.
Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
Professional Services Group