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Re: Habanero peppers

My former manager stopped by my office one day (she knew I would know
about such things) and told me that she had found these "adorable little
miniature bell peppers" in the supermarket the night before.  She'd
taken them home and chopped up four or five (!!!) into whatever sort of
dish she was making, and then added a couple of jalapenos.  She said it
just about took the top of her head off, and her husband couldn't get
anywhere near it.  They diluted it 5-1 with tomato sauce, and it was
still too hot to eat for her husband (she was just barely able to
tolerate it).

I explained to her that she hadn't found mini bell peppers, she'd found
habaneros, and that they were the absolute hottest
commercially-available pepper.  Where jalapenos are somewhere around
70,000 on the Scoville Units scale of heat, habaneros are up around
350,000.  She's never gone near them since...

I still remember my reaction when she told me she'd put four or five of
the things into the pot.  And I don't think she'd seeded them first,
either...  Wow!


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