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100% WW Bread

>With all this talk about making bread, I wonder if anyone has a >recipe
for 100% whole wheat bread that is excellent.  I've been >making partial
wheat for years and have perfected my recipe with >little oil.  I wouldn't
mind a whole wheat recipe having some  >oil if it is very good and my kids
will eat it!
	I've made 100% whole wheat bread for many years, and have, in the last few
years, been making it without any added fats (even in the bread machine).
Frankly, I can't taste any difference, and no one else has ever commented
about it, so I'm guessing it doesn't matter. 

	If you make your bread by hand, the main difference will be that you'll
need to knead the dough longer to work up the gluten until it's really
elastic and smooth.  Or, as you would do in a bread machine, you can add a
little (a tablespoon per loaf, approximately) vital gluten, which is
usually sold near the flour and bread machine mixes.  My WW bread is always
smooth and fine-textured, never crumbly.  I'm getting ready to experiment
with sprouted wheat and rye berries now.  Anyone have any advice on how
much to use, etc?

  Jane Smith    		  	  mjsmith@xxxxxxxxxx
  Special Collections Department   Pickler Memorial Library
  Truman State University	   	  Kirksville, Missouri