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Re: pizza crust - Whole wheat for ABM

This recipe comes from Kathy Grofton on the 
ABMTalk@egroups mailing list.

I used to make this with white flour bread dough 
and semolina, but lately have been using 100% 
whole wheat instead and it's been terrific.

I also omit the oil and to be honest have never 
noticed any difference. 

The one pound recipe is good for 2 small crusts. I 
use the 1 1/2 pound recipe for my 24 inch pizza 
pan and it fits just right. Others have said the 1 
1/2 pound is good for making up to 4, 6" pizzas. 
They make the blanks, pop them in a zip lock bag, 
and freeze them.

Semolina Bread

				1 lb. 		             1 1/2 lb.

water 				7/8 to 1 cup 	   1 1/2 to 1 5/8 cup 
olive oil 			2 tsp. 	            	1 tbs.  

sugar 				2 tsp. 		           1 tbs.

salt 				1 tsp.		            1 1/2 tsp.

bread flour 			1 cup 	      	1 1/2 cups

semolina flour 		1 cup 	        	1 1/2 cups

instant yeast 			3/4 tsp 		1 1/8 tsp.

øoø Sue in NJ
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