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Re: Asparagus

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:21:19 -0700, you wrote:

>Can anyone offer some advice for buying, cleaning, & cooking (in a low-fat
>way of course!) asparagus?  My mother never liked it and never made it, so
>I've never had it!  I'm really anxious to try it but I have no idea how to
>make it or even where to begin.  Thanks in advance!

   It's a cinch.  Nothing to it.  Here's how I do it:

  Cut off the bottom part of the stalks, where it's hard and
grainy.  Wash the asparagus.  Steam - I either cook it in a
counter-top electric steamer (such as Black and Decker,
that's the one I have) or microwave it.  In the steamer, it
takes about ten minutes, I think.  Taste a stalk after ten

  More often I microwave it:  put the stalks in a glass pie
plate, sprinkle a few drops of water on them, cover with
plastic wrap and microwave until done.  "Done" should be
cooked through but still with some crispness, IMHO, and a
nice very bright green color.  I forget how long it takes:
maybe 5 minutes.  Taste one after 5 minutes.

  Then I serve it with a few squirts of lemon juice on it.

  Asparagus is also very good in a Chinese-style stir-fry.
I've also had roasted asparagus:  I bought this at Fresh
Fields, or have eaten it in restaurants, so I don't have
experience in roasting it myself.  It was lovely.  Asparagus
is also good in omelets, or quiches.

Pat Meadows