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Re: "cheeze" slices

Hi, all,

Someone mentioned the dairy-free "cheese" slices they buy at Costco. 
I've be
 en scouring the dairy aisle at my local Costco every week and cannot
find anyth
 ing other than actual cheese.

Some of the brand names that I have seen of cheese slices that do not
 contain moo milk are
 -Veggie Slices by Galaxy Foods, Florida
 -Rice Dream by the same people that make the Rice Dream beverage
 -NuTofu byCemac Foods, Philadelphia
 They come in flavours like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Jack, Parmesan (in
sprinkles) and are also available in Canada.  If Costco does not carry
 them they are available from health (nut) food stores, and some large
 grocery stores.  Good luck on your quest
 .......Pat Winter (snowboot@xxxxxxxxxxxx)