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Re: Butter Flavored Sprinkles (ie Butter Buds)

Oops and sorry that I posted the message below.  I've received messages
from several 
eagle-eyed fellow list members that the natural flavors listed in the
ingredients generally refers to BUTTER - voila! the buttery flavor.  So
please don't try this at home if you're vegan!

I had written:
>I just checked a container of HyVee Butter Flavored Sprinkles in the fridge 
>that I bought at a grocery store in Iowa.  This is a store brand, not Butter 
>Buds brand.  The ingredients are: Maltodextrin (a natural carbohydrate 
>derived from corn), salt, natural flavors, extractives of tumeric and 
>annatto (as color), less than 2% Silicon dioxide  (as anticaking).  Maybe 
>those of you looking for a vegan butter flavored sprinkle might want to 
>check the store brands at some of your local grocers.  (This is a favorite 
>past time of mine, especially when I'm traveling, and I do happen upon some 
>good finds this way.)   Hope this helps - good luck in your searches!

Natalie in Milwaukee