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McDougal Ornish Support

I've been meaning to look this up.  There is a wonderful Low volume, high 
support group named Vegetarian Weight Reducers (VegWR) that is through email. 
 I've been on it since it started.  It changed hands awhile ago and has even 
gotten better.  We have a wonderful professional on the list for those 
exercise questions.  Get in good nutrition discusions and are a great group 
of shoulders for problems.  To subscribe go to 

If you've never done onelist, it's different in that you have to join oneline 
first.  A little more confusing than a standard email list like this.  But 
the group is well worth it.  We even have males on there, so guys feel free 
to join in.  

Our main concern is health, with the hopes of it leading to gradual weight 

Faith H.