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RE: heart disease

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Christine F. Muehling wrote:

> Generalizations often seem to be really off base. This one about "Most of
> the people on this list have medically diagnosed heart disease"  in fits 
>that category, too, IMHO.
> I am a Low/No Fat Queen and Veggie because I hate to exercise. Period.  No
> ethics, no heart disease, no family history, no pretending, nothing.  I just
> hate to exercise and I was getting fatter than a house.

I'm 5', my husband is 6'5".:)  I absolutely hate exercising.  I gained
about 50lbs, which looked like 100lbs on my small body.  I became
vegetarian to lose weight, lost 45lbs and never went back.  I stay fairly
lf/ff because I'm lazy, if I don't eat fat then I won't have to exercise it
off. I'm only 24 and I don't plan on living my life with heart disease,
high blood pressure or diabetes.