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Nutrition, Heart Health, Ornish and McDougall

<<Recently there was a post about keeping this newsletter for
recipes and food suggestions, etc.  I have a question for
Ornishers that gets into nutrition but I don't know if it would
be appropriate to post it here. Where should I post that,>>

I hope it's okay to post this information here.  I understand Michelle
needing to limit this list from nutrition discussions.   I recently started
list on Onelist named Cleanhearts.  It's to discuss heart health related
topics.  This includes, diet, stress reduction, and exercise and new medical
information. .  Many on the list are following the Ornish/ McDougall
programs but there are others that do not.   No rules here and all are
welcome.   Please email me privately if you have questions or need help.


I apologize if this should not have been posted here.