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RE: heart disease

Generalizations often seem to be really off base. This one about "Most of
the people on
this list have medically diagnosed heart disease"  in fits that category,
too, IMHO.

Kinda reminds me of the one about combining foods, Vegetarians not getting
enough B12, or American children needing added fat in their diets.  <WONK>
Wrong Answer!! Thanks for playing our GAME!  Do your research before opening
maw.  <hearing mom's scolding voice in my head>

I, for one, am so far from heart disease doctors rave about me. <g> Really,
they do. I swear.
I am a Low/No Fat Queen and Veggie because I hate to exercise. Period.  No
ethics, no heart disease, no family history, no pretending, nothing.  I just
hate to exercise and I was getting fatter than a house.
I married a 6'5.5" gorgeous hunk of construction worker and matched him bite
for bite.  My 5'2" frame loaded up 50 pounds in my 1st year of marriage.

Lost 40 pounds giving up meat and fat ----
And this was before the advent of any even passable, fat free products.

So why wait until one HAS heart disease to watch what you shovel into one's
Supposedly that's what health education is all about, and it DOES apply to
you.  "You" being every American who thinks it can't happen to them.

I'm done now.