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Re: heart disease

>I'm 5', my husband is 6'5".:)  I absolutely hate exercising.  I
>about 50lbs, which looked like 100lbs on my small body.  I
>vegetarian to lose weight, lost 45lbs and never went back.  I
stay fairly
>lf/ff because I'm lazy, if I don't eat fat then I won't have to
exercise it
>off. I'm only 24 and I don't plan on living my life with heart
>high blood pressure or diabetes.

Not to get into nutrition discussions here, but eating lowfat
may bot be enough on its own to prevent the diseases you are
talking about. There is more to diet then just low fat and more
to health then just diet. The japanese are slim and active yet
the have some of the highest rates of high blood pressure.
"Burning fat" is only one benefit from exercise. Studies show
that those who are "fat but fit" are healthier then those who
are "thin but unfit".  The healthiest are those who are thin AND