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re: Meatloaf

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999 CaRingB@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I've tried Beefnot as meatloaf, and did not like the results. However, in the 
> produce section there is a 1-lb roll of pure soy called GimmeLean, and it's 
> fat-free. It comes in beef flavor or sausage flavor. The beef roll looks like 
> ground beef, and you can prepare it exactly the same, for meatloaf, 
> meatballs, etc. Tastes just the way I remember. By accident, I once bought 
> the sausage flavor, and it's sitting in my freezer with no place to go. I 
> really recommend the beef GimmeLean.

I slice the sausage flavor into patties and "fry" them on a nonstick
griddle sprayed with a tiny dab of oil.  They are great with pancakes or
on pizza. (I crumble them for the pizza.)

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