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In response to the questions about hoop, and sapsago cheese.....

Sapsago cheese is a type of "extra hard" cheese like parmasean
cheese.    The majority of these "extra hard" cheeses are the
Italian Grana style. They
have an exceptionally hard, brittle texture which makes them
suitable for grating and are known for their exquisitely sharp,
piquant flavour. Cheeses of this type can be matured for up to
three years. Parmesan is the best known of the group but the
Swiss Sbrinz and Sapsago cheeses also fit into the category.
Saanen, also Swiss, is sometimes matured for seven years. Young
versions of some grating cheeses are used as table cheeses.

hoop cheese  is like pot cheese.  pot cheese  is like cottage
cheese except it is moister; (consider removing some of the
liquid using
cheesecloth) OR ricotta cheese (also moister)

So for hoop cheese, use fat free cottage (whih is high in salt)
or ricotta cheese (low in salt).

At the center we
recommend either the Friendship 1% no salt added cottage cheese,
or the
breakstone 1/2% No salt added cottage cheeses.

For sapsago cheese, use fat free parmasean cheese.

In health,

Jeff Novick, RD, LD/N
Director Of Nutrition
Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa
The Yacht Club At Turnberry Isle
19735 Turnberry Way
Aventura, FL  33180
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