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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #295

   <someone asked>
>I've been interested in cooking some of the older Pritikin recipes, from the
>early books of the 1980s. However many recipes use three ingredients I can't
>locate even though I'm in a large city.
>The ingredients are frozen apple juice concentrate, Sapsago (green) cheese
>and hoop cheese (uncreamed cottage chees.) The recipes depend heavily on
>these ingredients.
   I think it just means regular frozen apple juice.  The
apple juice is concentrated when it's frozen.  Use

   Hoop cheese:  uncreamed cottage cheese.  Hmmm.  Would
regular cottage cheese, non-fat, maybe work?  How about
non-fat ricotta?  I think I'd probably try the ricotta.

  I don't know about Sapsago.

Pat Meadows