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re:Dixie Diner

Continuing with the Dixie theme...
Yes, Heartline meats are fatty but there's also something called "Heartline
Lite" which is a VLF (the package says .1 g fat per portion or something)
and low-sodium version of Heartline.  Their tastes are pretty similar to
me...take that for what it's worth.  I don't know if Dixie sells Heartline
Lite, I just go direct to their source, which is Lumen Foods,
www.soybean.com, (they also make the Stonewall Jerkies)  I find that the
Heartlines are all kind of chewy with a slightly similar taste among all
the different varieties.  They work great when added to Stir Fries and
one-dish bean/rice/pasta/vegetable-type things, though.

Since, we're on the subject, what are some opinions on the taste and
texture of the MeatNots (chicken, beef, turkey)?  They don't seem to have
any sodium so I wonder if they're seasoned (have any taste) at all?  


At 11:20 PM 10/13/99 -0400, you wrote:
>It's been interesting to read the 'reviews' on Dixie D's products.  I've
>ordered a few things from them in the past, and have had both lovely
>suprises and some real disasters, too. 
>I, like others, really like the nutlettes.  By substituting nutlettes for
>walnuts, almonds, or pecans in quick bread or muffin recipes, the same
>nutty texture remains.  (Of course it makes a good breakfast cereal too!) 
>Another product I got from D.D's was "Heartline Meatless Meats", Italian
>sausage style.  What I expected was T.V.P. appropriately seasoned, but NOT
>with the addition of vegetable oil.  One portion has 7grams of fat...much
>much more than the defatted T.V.P. would be that was used in the product.
>What a shame!
>I would also suggest steering clear of their powdered yoghurt mixes.  VERY
>artificial tasting, poor texture, and too sweet.  Nothing like the real
>thing tucked in the refrigerator I've found!
>Hope this is a useful for those wanting to try D.D. products.