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Spaghetti Squash

For Maralyn, who wanted a spaghetti squash recipe:  I just did a great one
the other night--ate the last leftovers yesterday for lunch, in fact.

Squash: poke skin 8-10 times with tip of paring knife.  Set on a paper towel
or plate and microwave on "High" for 10 minutes or more, depending on size.
Mine was a small one, so 10 minutes was enough.  It should feel as if it
will collapse, even though the skin is still stiff.  It will be VERY hot;
set aside.

Sauce:  Saute in your favorite manner (spray the pan, or use broth, wine,
balsamic vinegar, etc.) about 4 GARLIC CLOVES (minced) and 1 ONION (chopped
coarsely).  When they begin to turn golden, add about 4 ounces MUSHROOMS
(that would be a little over 100 g) and continuing stirring.  When the
mushrooms have also begun to brown lightly, add 3-4 fresh TOMATOES, chopped
in the food processor, and one can of DICED TOMATOES with their juice.  Add
cracked black pepper and coarse (kosher) salt to taste, and about 1/4 cup of
chopped fresh HERBS (whatever you've got: I still have basil, rosemary,
thyme and oregano in the garden, and used a combination of those).  Stir and
cook till slightly thickened and heated through.  Remove from heat.

Using a sharp knife and watching your fingers, cut the squash in half
through the stem and blossom ends.  Using a table fork, remove and discard
the seeds from the middle.  Then scrape the remaining flesh with a fork
until you loosen all the strands of squash, and dump them into a large bowl.
Repeat with the other half.  Serve like spaghetti on a plate, with the sauce
over.  May be topped with regular fatfree or soy parmesan-style cheese.

And enjoy!

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