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TVP ideas

Someone recently asked for ideas for TVP.   I use them in any situation that 
one would have used ground beef.  Today we had TVP manwiches.  I used a cup 
of dry TVP granules, rehydrated them with 1 cup of boiling water, and then 
added a can of manwich (original flavor).  We serve them on high quality 
whole wheat buns and with a side dish of coleslaw.  Also, they are good in 
chili.  I get a good 5 alarm chili mix and sub the TVP for the meat.  Nobody k
nows the difference between this and ground turkey (it is a little whiter 
than beef), and I haven't had to lie yet.  I also used them mixed with taco 
seasoning and used in a taco salad.  
The scary truth is that these granules have the texture of ground meat - 
almost sort of rubbery like gristle and all that icky stuff.
Couldn't you also use them in place of the ground beef in all of those really 
bad 1960's casseroles (the ones with cream of mushroom soup and loads of 
cheese and potato chip toppings and crusts) but substitute the fatty stuff?  
Take a look in your old 1960 cookbook for some inspiration!
I'd love to hear what others do with this great invention!

Ruth in the Sunny Chicago 'burbs