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RE: black beans

Black beans (also called turtle beans) are somewhat closer to adzuki beans
in size, a little bigger, but not as big as kidney beans--closer to Navy
beans.  You could substitute any red or pink colored beans, I'd start with
"chili" beans (red beans), anasazi beans or pinto beans to start with,
anything you would use in mexican cooking would work fine (even kidney beans
if that's what you can get), though the taste would obviously vary somewhat.
Depending on the dish, even white beans could work.  Black eyed peas are a
little different in texture and taste (they don't "mush" as much), and they
have a more distinctive taste, in my opinion, anyway.  Most any bean that's
left on the firmer side could be used in their place, too, though without
the distinctive taste, try white-colored beans first.

Just experiment.  Your final dish might not taste exactly the same, but most
likely it'll be pretty good anyway.

Debbie C

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I can't find black beans in the supermarket where I am and don't have a
health food store nearby.  Are they kidney bean size or more like adzuki
size? What would be a good substitution for black beans in casseroles
etc?  They also seem to feature in dips as well. Same sub?  Actually,
black eyed peas are a bit hard to find as well (although I do know what
they look like). What would be a good sub for these as well.
thanks for any info.