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Nancy wrote:

> I do not miss it one bit.  Now fish and seafood that is another matter.
>  God I don't know what I will do this summer when the family and friends
> have steamed crabs.  Guess that may have to be one little slip along with
> the very occasional piece of tuna or salmon with our Vegetable Sushi.

It needn't even be a "slip," Nancy.  As our esteemed Dr. Ornish emphasizes in
his books, your life is your choice.  The Ornish diet is an ideal to which one
can aspire.  However, my daughter and I both eat entirely Ornish *plus* fish. 
She probably eats fish once a week and I eat it once a month.  Obviously some
fish is better than others (fat-wise) and I would consider adding fat to any
fish a "no-no" for myself.  So I encourage you to "decide" how much fish
consumption you feel good about adding to your Ornish "way" and just do it!

Now am I to be burned at the stake next digest? :) :) :)

Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah