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Black beans

>Can somebody please post a low-kcal recipe for black beans?  I've never
>*made* beans before, I have always used canned beans, but I have discovered
>the *HORRIBLE* amount of sodium in canned beans... I've also never used
>black beans before... Any help will be much appreciated!!

Hi, Dawnn -

Rinsing canned beans in cold water removes much of the salt. If you have
the time, you can control the salt better by cooking a pound or two of
dried beans and freezing them in pint containers. If they are packed with
little or no liquid before freezing, they seem to last longer and be less
mushy when defrosted.

One of my two current favorite recipes is the marvelous PINTO BEAN SWEET
POTATO CHILI recipe posted a few months ago, but made with black beans
instead of pinto beans. I prefer the black bean texture, and the
combination of orange peel and cilantro in the recipe makes it irresistible.

The other current favorite is a simple dip or spread that is easy to make
and delicious:


2 c. drained black beans
3 Tbs. tomato paste
1 clove garlic
4 ts. lime juice
3/4 ts. ground cumin
2-3 Tbs. mild green chili peppers
2 scallions, chopped fine

Mix in blender all but the scallions.  Put the mixture in a bowl and stir
in the scallions.  Chill before serving. This is especially tasty and
attractive if topped with diced tomatoes.