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   We have a Vita-Mix. Have had it for about fifteen years. We use it quite
a bit, and it just keeps on keeping on. I don't use the spigot, however,
for pouring. I just tip the thing over and pour from the container.
   This item was expensive, as I remember, but we liked the idea that it
was heavy-duty, and stainless steel. It's not difficult to clean. We just
run water and a *tiny* bit of dish detergent through it after each use.
Then rinse it in hot water.
   Speaking of the material that things are made of, and made in, (somewhat
off-topic, I guess), I'm finding that this is more and more important to
me, in food purchases. This concern came about gradually, considering that
I do some canning, and I also dye wool, so I've understood for some time
that the materials used in processing of foods (and fibers!) certainly do
affect their chemical composition/color. Mentioning this because during my
last trip to the market I was disappointed to discover that more and more
juices now only come in plastic bottles, even in quart sizes.
   Can't be good. (At least, we don't like it!)

Kathleen A. Wilson
Glenwood, Nova scotia