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I am currently using a Mr. Juiceman.  I have had several juicers before this
one, and I rank this one at the top.  It's not very heavy and is very easy
to clean and store.  The inside is made mostly of stainless steel, so it
should last for a long time.  It's also very quiet.  It has a container that
is detached that catches all the excess (I don't like to call it waste
because 75% of the time I reuse it in several recipes that came with the
juicer) and a tall glass will fit perfectly under the spout that the juice
comes out of.  It cost around $100.00 ( I got mine from QVC), and you can
also get a Juiceman Jr for about $40.00, but it does not look like it is as
durable as the Mr. Juiceman, because it is made out of all plastic.  We use
it everyday for carrots.