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Dinner Party

I need some MAJOR help here.  I was basically told last night that I
will be having about 20 people over for dinner on March 30th.  It's for
a committee that I'm on so they want to have dinner and then the
meeting.  Anyway, I'm completely overwhelmed.  I have NO IDEA what to
make for a group this large.  I want something very simple (I won't get
home from work until 5 PM and they'll all be over at 6 PM) and something
that doesn't need a lot of things to go with it (i.e., condiments).  I'm
sure that none of the people coming are vegetarians but I don't really
care, if they come to my house, they have to eat like we eat at my
house.  Can anyone suggest anything to me?  Lasagna isn't an option but
I want something like that.  I was thinking maybe gardenburgers but I
don't want to deal with all the condiments.  I'm at a loss.  I'll
probably end up ordering pizza (kidding).