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fuzzy logic rice cookers

I have the larger 10 cup model of National's fuzzy logic rice cooker
(National=Panasonic in the rest of the world).  It works very well.  I've
used the brown rice setting on everything from brown basmati to  brown short
grain sticky rice, changing the rice/water ratio for the rice type, and the
cooker seems to cook it all correctly without any bottom crust.  I will say
that this cooker is huge for two people, though the size is useful when
steaming big vegetables like artichokes.  It probably takes much longer heat
up to the steam level, too.  Some caveats:  This thing steams brown rice for
a couple of hours, so using the timer option is the only way to go.  Again,
this thing is HUGE - I would buy the smaller one if I did it again.  I have
been too busy to really learn good cooking methods, I had fantasies about
coming home to almost cooked rice, adding a layer of vegetables to steam,and
voila! Dinner.  I admit the poor thing has been languishing instead,
especially since my husband has become sort of anti-rice.  What I really
need is a Lorna Sass of rice cookers, so I adapt to the rice cooker the way
I adapted to the pressure cooker.  I wonder if she's looking for a new