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Asparagus Soup, Allergies, and Rice Cookers

Ah, yes, the eternal search for the perfect asparagus
soup recipe.  I had one that was published YEARS ago
(you don't want to know how long) in the South Bend
Tribune, but lost it.  It was extremely
simple--contained little besides the asparagus (how
much???), some liquid (how much???), and maybe a
handful of herbs (which ones??? how much???), and then
it went into the blender after being cooked briefly.
(Nowadays we'd use the food processor, no doubt.)  It
tasted soooo fresh and sooooo French....maybe someone
can help me recreate that?

C'mon, fans!  The stores are full of lovely asparagus!
We know what great cooks you all are!  :-)  TIA....

Neil, I saw a cookbook once called something like the
Allergic-to-Everything Cookbook.  Maybe you could surf
to amazon.com from here and find some titles.

And Michelle, thanks for the great "dissertation" on
rice cookers.  That was very informative.  We have a
Yaohan supermarket/mall here in the Chicago suburbs.
Maybe I will go there and browse, armed with info from
the sites you pointed us to.  Now is there a crockpot
with fuzzy logic?  :-)


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