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Flax seeds

The easiest way I have found to inlcude flax seeds is to put
them in a smoothie (recipe below).

This way I can keep them fresh and unground till they are ready
to use.

I put them in whole and while the smoothie is blending, the flax
seeds are ground up.  They add a slightly sweet and "nutty"
flavor to the smoothie.

The only thing is you may have to add some extra liquid/fluid as
the flax seeds do absorb the liquid and can make the smoothie
very "thick".

The small amount of fat and fiber that the flax seeds add, also
make the smoothie more filling and they both also help to slow
down the release of the sugars from the fruits.

Basic Smoothie

1 Cup Liquid (water, fresh juice, or fat free soy or rice milk)
2 Fresh Ripe bananas
1 TB fresh whole flax seeds

Blend at medium speed till smooth.

Add 1 -2 Cups any frozen fruit (without added sugar) such as
strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, mango etc

Blend again at high speed till smooth.

If the smoothie is to thick, add more liquid till it reaches the
desired consistancy.