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Beans in the crockpot

I soak my beans overnight.  My crockpot is, I believe, 5 qts.  So I use 4
cups of dry beans.  Soaked overnight, they almost fill the crockpot. I toss
the soaking water, and put the beans in the crockpot with enough water to
cover them, plus about 1/2".  They don't expand too much after they've been
soaked.  Leave to cook on low all day.  In the evening, the beans will be
tender, but still whole.  You can drain them and use them like this for
salads, or if you want a mushy texture, just mash some of them with a spoon.


> I'm mostly a lurker but I just had to jump in regarding the beans in the
> crockpot.  I
> really like that idea.  My beans always seem to come out mushy and not
> hold their
> shape like canned beans.  When you cook them in the crockpot how much
> water
> do you add ??  Do you need to add less because the beans plump up after
> soaking
> all nite ???  Really interested in this method.