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wedding gifts

I'd keep the crockpot, especially if you like to eat beans.  You can leave
the beans to cook unattended on low all day.  Put 'em in in the morning, go
off to work, and come home to a pot of beans, ready to go.  If your crockpot
is big, you can freeze the leftovers.  Also, if you want "whole" cooked
beans, that haven't broken up during cooking, to be tossed into a salad, for
example, the crockpot is the way to go.  Because the beans don't need to be
stirred at all during cooking, they don't break up into mush.

If you decide you just don't have any use for some of the stuff, I'd return
it.  If you can't return it, you could always put it away in a closet and
give it someone else when they get married ;-)


> Someone once told me that the best way to get stuff is to get married.  It
> turned out to be right.  Now I have some kitchen items that I have NO IDEA
> what to do with.  My neat-freak husband is now having a fit because I
> havn't used these items yet (in the three weeks since), and I was hoping
> that I could get some suggestions/recipes.
> The gagetry includes:
> Crock Pot
> Hand Held Blender
> Food Processor
> Toaster Oven
> Also, what is the point to an electric skillet?  My cousin seemed to think
> that I needed one...