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re: wedding gifts

OK, here are some uses:
The handheld blender is great for making soups thicker.  Plunge it into the
pot after the soup is cooked and blend just long enough to make the soup
thicker.  If you want a totally creamy soup, keep going!   I like to do this
with bean and potato soups especially.  If it came with the little chopper
powered by the wand blender, that's great for mincing ginger and garlic.

The toaster oven:  I got rid of my regular toaster when this arrived in the
house.  It toasts bagels and big slices of homemade bread without getting
stuck.  We also cook veggie burger patties and quickly broil things in it
rather than heating up the big regular oven.  You can rewarm pizza slices in
this instead of the soggifying microwave.  You can even sneak it into your
motel room to cook your own food if you tuck it in a duffel bag.  I would
like to find a brand of toaster oven that is better insulated and more
energy efficient, but even my cheapo is used daily.

Food processor:  mine has been neglected, but if you have any tendonitis
from computer use, start using this to chop your veggies!  I just got a
lecture on how you use exactly the same tendons and muscles to cook and type
(not to mention trowelling in the garden).  If you use your hands a lot,
your food processor may save you from carpal tunnel syndrome.

As for returning the gifts for money, I can tell you as the giver, it always
makes me feel like pond scum.  Besides, everyone should have a weird white
elephant that Aunt Mary bestowed upon the happy couple in their cupboards
for a few years.  It builds character and good will - and it's always good
for a giggle.  If it's utterly unused, it may be worth real money in 40
years - look at 50's appliance collectors these days!